High Speed Wireless Internet

Vortex Wireless

Vortex Wireless is locally owned and operated by Jeff George.

We try to bring you the best internet service available. Our high speed wireless internet is fast and competitively priced. Our prices are:

  • Plan 1)   6- Mbs :  $54.95
  • Plan 2)   9- Mbs :  $74.95
  • Plan 3) 12- Mbs :  $94.95

There is an installation charge of $150.00 which includes standard Wi-Fi dish mounting, programming, and running CAT5 cable from Wi-Fi antenna down through a wall at the location. An electrical outlet will be needed to power Wi-Fi radios and wireless router. If additional equipment is needed beyond the standard installation, there will be an additional charge for those materials.

Vortex Wireless will install a small Wi-Fi dish antenna on your roof that will be aimed to a service Access Point in your area.  Some installation locations may have additional equipment that will serve as a repeater for other wireless users in your vicinity.  There is no extra cost to you for adding this equipment. We will get your permission if you are being considered as a location for additional equipment.  All Wi-Fi Antennas remain the Property of Vortex Wireless.

If you are currently using the wireless feature on a Frontier DSL modem, this will not be compatible with this Vortex Wireless service.  You will need to purchase a new Wireless Router that can be connected to this network and programmed for your wireless devices.  You will only be able to run one wired device unless you have a router that will have additional Ethernet ports.  Vortex Wireless will have available for sale a 4 port wireless router that you can purchase if you need wireless capability around the home or office.

Vortex Wireless will NOT provide email account services.  If you are currently receiving your email through FRONTIER and will be discontinuing service with them, you may lose access to your frontier email account.  We recommend opening a Web Based email account that you desire such as Hotmail, Windows Live, and Yahoo etc.  Send an email notice to those you wish to have your new address so they can update your information.    It will be essential that you have a valid working email account.  Your monthly bill and important information will be sent to your email address.

Vortex Wireless will not be responsible for any damage that could occur to your computer from transmitting or receiving data over the internet.  We recommend that you have a good Internet Anti-Virus Program, Update Operating System Software, etc. Be careful of the sites you go to and avoid suspicious emails that have attachments that could cause damage to your computer. 

*** Installation costs and your first Months service fee will be required at completion of the installation. ***